General Terms and Conditions of 

Dolorock Climbing Festival

represented by the President of
Gamatzn Kletterverein
Hannes Pfeifhofer
Fischleintalstrasse 3a
I-39030 Sexten

§ 1 Subject and scope

   The following General Terms and Conditions and conditions of participation apply exclusively to the legal relationship between Dolorock Climbing Festival and the participants.
   Our services and offers provided exclusively on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions. 

§ 2 Dolorock Redpoint-Fight

  • Fairness and honesty first!
  1. We expect the Dolorock Climbing Community to be honest and tell the truth regarding points and routes achieved!
  2.  Above all, respect for other people, other participants as well as those who do not take part in the event, but also climb in your area. Especially with regard to COVID-19.


  • Respect your environment! We are very lucky to climb in this beautiful environment so please leave it like that. If you find some rubbish and throw it into the next dustbin, you'd be our secret heros. Thank you! 

  • Dolorock Redpoint-Fight is a sport climbing competition on natural rock taking place in the designated climbing spots in Landro valley.
  •  The event will take place from May 27, 2021 to May 29, 2022
  •  The route gradings from the official topos are used for evaluation
  •  Categories:
  1.  Climb your 5 hardest routes (onsight, flash, toprope)  within a day (same like every year due to )
  2.  New Category 2022: Climb as many routes as you can within a Day!
  3.  Average amount of points (Max. amount of points divided by the amount of participants)

§ 3 Registration as a user, User account

  • Users have the opportunity to register themselves or their underage children for participation in Dolorock Redpoint-Fight event.
  • Registration creates a temporary scorecard account used for evaluation.
  • To create an account, users must provide, among other things (see also §4), a currently valid e-mail address. The e-mail address is used to generate a uniqe DOLOROCKER-ID for each participant which serves as the login data for the user’s personal scorecard. At the same time, the e-mail address is used to communicate with the users about event and evaluation-specific matters.
  • The users guarantee that the information provided during registration are accurate and complete. The use of pseudonyms is not permitted.
  • The users are obliged to handle the login data with care. Users are prohibited from disclosing the login data to third parties and/or allowing third parties to access the user account by circumventing the login data. If the users receive indications of misuse of the user account by third parties, they must inform us immediately.
  • If the user’s personal details change (e-mail address, address, etc.), they are responsible for updating them. Any changes must be comunicated by sending an email to providing the changed details.    
  • Users can NOT delete their personal data from the user account by themselves. The account will expire automatically after the event. (May 29, 2022)

   In accordance with Section 13 GDPR, we inform the participants:
   In the case of participation in Dolorock Redpoint-Fight event, results data, participant’s name and e-mail as well as photos and videos are stored for historical purposes.
   Deletion can be requested via e-mail to

§ 4 Self-Declaration and COVID-19 questionnaire

   Important: In order to complete the registration each participant must declare in writing to be aware of the currently applicable COVID-19 regulations and that he's aware of the general risks in sport climbing.
    Südtiroler Landesverwaltung - Regeln zum Schutz vor Covid-19
    Amministrazione Provincia Bolzano - Regole per proteggersi dal Covid-19
The self-declaration
   Download german Eigenerklärung
   Download italian Autodichiarazione
must be signed, and must be submitted when the starter package is picked up.
   Unless the Self-Declaration is not submitted, the user’s scorecard account will not be accessible and the user cannot be seen as a registered participant and/or be taken into account for evaluation.

§ 5 Infringements, exclusion, disqualification

   In the event of violations of these above conditions of participation and/or in the event that participants do not follow our instructions or the instructions of our staff, and if there is a risk that the proper running of the event or the safety and/or health of the participants will be endangered, we may exclude and/or disqualify participants from the event.
    Sanctionable violations include, but are not limited to:

  • the transfer of the personally assigned scorecard-account
  • incorrect information  in the scorecard
  • unsportsmanlike conduct
  • disregard of the COVID-19 regulations

§ 6 Cancellation

   The withdrawal period ends together with the pre-inscription period on May 21, 2022.
See also return policy for further information.