Redpoint - Fight

Special exemption scheme for small business

Important! Please register each participant individually, we need the name and email of each participant. This means to complete the checkout process for each registration individually.

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Registration will be open from
May 25, 2021
till the end of the event
July 31, 2021

Late registrations (July 1, 2021 and later) will cost €30.00

Please read important information below!

Very important Information

Download and sign the self-declaration and submit it as you pick up your starter package.
... collect the starter package in Innichen at Sport Holzer.
   Participants whose declaration is not submitted will be disqualified and do not participate the prize draw.

How does Dolorock work?

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As soon as your payment has been received and your self-declaration is submitted, you'll get an email with your 'Dolorocker-ID' and the access data for your personal scorecard account.
Submit your scorecard after each climbing session, the transfer of scorecards will be closed at 12 a.m. on the successive day. So don´t miss to fill out and send your scorecard according the link you'll obtain.  

This way your best result will be chosen for the evaluation and the following prize draw.
 Don’t forget that there are more categories than just the topscoring, which means that also participants with other main focus (middle average, most pitches, most routes) are able to reach place on the podium. 

Special Instructions

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Take care of your climbing partner, check the knot and have fun.